Johnny Weir Husband Came Out Recently? Watch Shocking Bethenny Frankel Interview To See Victor Weir-Voronov Explain Why [VIDEO]

By Carly Shields November 21, 2013 5:59 PM EST
Johnny Weir's husband did not come out until a month before their wedding. (Photo: Reuters)
Johnny Weir's husband did not come out until a month before their wedding. (Photo: Reuters)

Johnny Weir's husband Victor Voronov came out of the closet as a gay man only a month before he married flamboyant Voronov, shocking both his friends and family. The gay couple revealed this big secret on Bethenny this week. Weir and Voronov were married on New Year's Eve in 2011, but at the time of their engagement, Weir's husband hadn't even told his family or friends yet that he was gay.

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"I told my family a month before we got married, and my friends only found out in People magazine," Weir-Voronov told the talk show host and the audience. Bethenny Frankel couldn't believe what she was hearing that she repeated the statement again. But she then asked him how long he knew he was gay.

Weir-Voronov responded saying he knew since he was about six or eight. The flabbergasted host didn't know what to say! She jokingly said though, "you come out of the closet and dip your foot in, you date a banker and an accountant." She then went on to say how Voronov went all out when he declared he was gay by dating the flashiest and glitziest ice skater, Johnny Weir. Frankel claimed that Weir is the "gayest person alive." She jokingly went on to say that Voronov married the guy who practically defines the word "gay." 

He responded saying that he didn't "come out of the closet, [he] chainstormed the door down." Voronov also said that no one ever assumed he was gay because he doesn't fit common gay stereotypes, meaning he doesn't dress like it or look like he is. Even his husband even said he talks straight as an arrow!

Voronov's decision to come out to his family and friends coincided with Weir's MAC Cosmetics campaign, which featured the ice skater on posters around America with a "mohawk, dirty face and nipples out." It was a convenient way for Voronov to come out of the closet: He simply took his friends to the mall and walked them by the posters, saying, "I'm gay, and I'm dating that."

The two have been happily married for almost two years and celebrated their marriage with a big wedding party in July of 2012. In 2012 Voronov said, "Getting married to Johnny has been the greatest experience of my life. He is the most wonderful, caring and nurturing person — and I can be guaranteed of one thing — with Johnny, I will never be bored."

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